It’s not too often that I do work pro bono. Then again, I did just receive a box full of maple syrup and jam today as payment for some artwork, so obviously it’s not like I ask to be paid much. But on occasion I’ll have some free time and some motivation line up like portentious stars at the same time that someone I know and like needs some work, and I’ll be like “Sure hey why not!”

This was for The Goat Lady (@civilwarbore on twitter) who is this perfect mix of social awareness for things that wouldn’t normally enter my sphere of perception, like disability and veterans, and also about things I think about all the time, like food sources and infrastructure, and also things I wish I could be doing, like raising goats and bees and working a farm. So yeah, I like her, and when she speculated on needing to raise some money for a bevy of broken things in her home, I figured a cartoon goat would be adorable on a t-shirt.

Regardless of where/when she uses it, it’s hers, and I’m glad she likes it 🙂 It’s important to be aware….BE AWARE OF DAIRY GOATS. THEY’RE COMING FOR YOOOOUUUUUUUU!

im aware of dairy goats