Kind of a non-update today. This weekend I managed to bork my lappy AND my printer, which was magical. The lappy is getting fixed today and cost about $15, but I don’t know if the printer is going to make it.

Which makes it seem like a good time to remind you of all the ways you can support me!

I’m going to be loading up a TeePublic shop with t-shirt designs, which are pretty much a steal at $20 for ongoing shirts, and only $14 for the first three days. I’ll be posting here whenever I post a new shirt so you can get on the cheap ones. Http://

I have another print-on-demand shop with RedBubble, who will print on all kinds of merchandise including super rad stickers. You can shop there at

If you’re a maker type, I’ve got a bunch of lovely patterns and such up at Spoonflower, which you can order on all kinds of fabric as well as wallpaper or gift wrap. I use this service a lot myself and their product quality is top notch.

And lastly and most importantly, you can support me via Patreon. A monthly pledge of even a dollar goes a long way toward making sure we all stay in business. And it’s not something for nothing–I put a lot of work into that Patreon, and you get a lot of extra art and words that I don’t post anywhere else.

Support Jaydot on Patreon!

Support Jaydot on Patreon!


Anyway, pardon the somewhat commercial interruption, but not only does a gal have to eat, she apparently needs to repair equipment and keep the lights on too. Thanks a bunch for sticking with me, folks, and I do believe the best is yet to come 🙂

↓ Transcript
A wildly colored print of an octopus who is also an elvis impersonator