My mania feels unstoppable. Literally. Not in a good way. A bull in a china shop is a delicate gazelle compared to me when I’m manic. I once had a friend ask how the people around me should support me when I’m obviously in a manic state. There’s not a lot, just as there’s not a lot to do for me when I’m depressed. They’re two sides of the same coin – depression a state of nothingness, and mania a state of too muchness. I think mostly when I’m manic I wish somebody would take my debit and credit cards away from me. I’m impulsive and shopping feels good and that’s how I ended up with a puppy a couple years ago.

I like the dog she grew into, though, so it’s not a huge lament, but …uh…don’t buy a puppy because you’re manic, folks. They are a shit-ton of work and don’t care about your mood disorder.

↓ Transcript
Two panels with teal backgrounds and a very simple floor made of your basic textured dots. A little puff of cloud in the upper left features the words "Bipolar & Me" and Jaydot's happy smiling face.

In the first panel, a muscular figure with a weirdly simple head that is just eyes and mouth on a perfect sphere holds onto someone's ankle and drags them off toward the right while saying "Yay!". We can only see the jeans-clad legs of the dragee. The caption reads "Soon..."

In the second panel, with a caption of "And then...", we can see that it is Jaydot, wearing her usual t-shirt and jeans, that is being dragged. She looks alarmed and bewildered and asks, "Where am I? What have I done?"