The simplest thing you can do is elevate black voices. Retweet and reshare thoughts, ideas, art, passion from black humans. Don’t speak over them, boost their voice instead. The second thing you can do is stand up to people who support Darren Wilson and his kind for murdering children. Even if it’s your family at Thanksgiving. Shut it down.

Take the time you would have spent on Friday and maybe even some of the money and invest in black lives and black communities. Specifically, you can help Ferguson like so:

Give to the library

Or the defense fund

Or sign this petition

I grieve deeply for a society that treats black bodies as disposable. I grieve that law enforcement kills black civilians at nearly the same rate as jim crow lynchings.

I cannot shrug this off. I used to believe that cops were on the side of the people. If I were black, I would have known that was never true.

Though I’ve seen it several places since then, I first saw the idea of replacing black friday with black lives matter from Quinn Murphy.