My birthday celebrations ran a little long, so I decided to capitalize on the news that the pope quit his job in order to nominate my favorite pope – Catpope. I think he’ll be effective leadership for the catholic church. With catpope, you could get most of the internet converted to¬†Christianity. Catpope! Nothing could go wrong!

Also, you may remember that last week I was running a little contest to win my gelCATinous cube prototype, Percival. Well, the contest is over and the random winner has been chosen–but first a big thank you to everyone who retweeted, reshared, or reblogged the contest. You guys make a comicker feel special, and I’m glad to see so much enthusiasm for a little plushie cube kitty!

At any rate, no further ado needed, the winner came from Tumblr and is Jramboz! I’ll be getting in touch with Mr Jramboz this week to obtain some shipping info, and he’ll be getting the first ever gelCATinous cube, plus a signed copy of the gelCATinous cube comic I posted on Friday. Congratulations Mr Jramboz! I hope you wuvs him!