I redrew an older comic of mine–which generally I’d avoid doing like the plague for there lies a dark path of endlessly redrawing the same comics over and over. But I wanted to try some new things and see how the old comic held up under my progressed skill.

Additionally, the font here is Open Dyslexic, and is supposed to make text more legible for dyslexic individuals. I sorta like it, even just visually, but hey lemme know if it’s somehow a problem.

I have a friend who speaks often about websites that simply aren’t accessible. I know that I’m a total slouch when it comes to that as well, and while I always have the intention of going through my archives and adding transcripts to each page, I always manage to find excuses as to why I don’t. While I still suck at that, I figure if this is one way I can do better, then I should do it.