I have a few of these queued up — funnily enough, doodling side comics has made me realize that I think I’m ready to actually start drawing this comic. So….yeah. I need to re-organize my Patreon to reflect that, and re-organize my actual website to host it, but I think I’m finally done hand-wringing and procrastinating. Imma do it. Imma draw urban fantasy story comics! Woo!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Cheryl Cairn is watching a kitty video. Panel 2: Cheryl Cairn calls out "Hyacinth, you gotta see this!" Panel 3: THe monitor has caught fire with a ghostly flame while kittens utter "Hail Meowlzebub!", caption reads: "Fun Fact: all electronics within five feet of Hyacinth become haunted."