Discard any affirmation from hereon out that doesn’t end in neener neener.

↓ Transcript
Three panels, each with a caption.

In the first panel, Jaydot sits at her desk with a pad of paper balanced on her knees, drawing. Her tongue is sticking out in concentration, which is adorable. The actual desk has been occupied by a cat, who watches her idly. The caption reads, "I'm not the best at what I do..."

In the second panel, we see Jaydot's blue-jeans clad butt in the act of farting. The caption reads, "Some days I'm not even adequate at what I do..."

In the third panel, Manfried, a man with long hair and a beard, facepalms on the left. On the right, Jaydot looks very chipper. The caption reads, "But it's mine. Neener neener."