I admit, I was trolling some Star Wars nerds, Manfried included, yesterday on twitter. There’s so, so much to like about the Star Wars universe, and yet the movies themselves don’t hook me at all. The Clone Wars cartoons are some mighty fine cartoonin’, amd the Star Wars tabletop games are outrageously fun. Fashion, toys, accessories, merchandising, I’m all over it, I adore it. But if I had to choose between watching the movies and chewing off my own arm, well, I’d start by asking whether or not I get to use steak sauce on my limb.

I’ve also spent most of the day trying to convince Manfried I’m a sith. He started quizzing me on sith stuff, and I was all “whaaaaat I have to pass some kind of test?? I don’t have to prove anything to you, quit treating me like a fake sith lord!”

Then he goes “Well if you’re a Sith lord I should move out.” And I do the handwavy thing and say “You don’t want to move out.” And he goes “Well I don’t but not because you did the handwavey thing!”

But how do you know, Manfried? I’m clearly just a completely awesome jedi.


Sith Bonus