Been feeling some super high anxiety this week, which almost always has this crappy symptom of “i can’t stop picking at my skin.” It’s not a self-harm thing—it’s a grooming thing, actually. I get anxious, so I start grooming myself, because my primate brain responds positively to grooming. Grooming is super-soothing!

But for me it gets out of hand. It’s almost like it’s addicting, I just don’t stop until I’ve scraped every blemish off my skin. This results in some… less-than-sexy effects, shall we say.

What am I anxious about? HA ha ha h a h a ha H A H A H A my brain doesn’t need silly things like reasons to get all wound up. It can do it all on its own! What a superpower!

ANYWAY, yeah. One of the many things I’m in therapy for 🙂