bad gastromance

This is just based on how much I miss eating beans. I’m mildly allergic to them, so they…well. yeah. It’s a stinky situation 😉

So I haven’t jumped back on the comics bandwagon like I thought I might. I think I need to assess my needs and my direction. It could just be that my life is still kind of a mess right now–my roommates are moving out of my house, and everything is just a super hot crowded cluttered mess as we get all that sorted out. On top of the baby, who is just a giant time sink. I mean, a time sink in the best way, like binge-watching Orange is the New Black or thirty hours of Fallout, but still a sort of “wow I’m having so much fun wait what time is it what DAY is it what do you mean I have to put on pants and go to work??” kind of way.

Which raises the question if I even want to make comics (hint: I do) or if I’m just wore out on the journal comics (possibly) or if I’m just stretched too thin right now because day job and life stuff need a lot of attention (also possibly) (also it could be both).

Anyway, it might be dumb office doodles until I get my shit sorted out. Hopefully y’all will stay tuned even if it’s just a series of silly drawings while I’m at work 🙂

(Although come to think of it with minimal effort I could update 5x a week and be my own guest comic while I figure things out if I’m just doing dumb office doodles)

(lots to consider)

(and maybe I should stop with the parentheticals)

(((((( <3 ))))))