Secret panel 4: Manfried blows air in my face causing me to flinch and yell and forget entirely why I was going to beat him up.

This comic took wayyyyy too long to finish. Not to draw, mind you. But motivating myself to draw this week has been blehhhhhhh.

I did, however, get a lot of good writing done. Several scripts for comics, lots of thumbnails in the margins of meeting notes, and I even managed to edit a piece of flash fiction I wrote, which is going to be another patreon exclusive!

Oh, and I figured out what the bonus comics are going to be for my lovely patrons ( – just $1 a month nets two extra comics now!). Something along the lines of “Shit My Players Say,” where I’m going to document the shenanigans either of the two tabletop games I run get into. Probably more the D&D group than the urban fantasy one, if only because elves and dwarves take a lot less explaining than “300 year old vampire ex-pirate seeking revenge on his sire”.

At any rate, I’ve been working on a bunch of ideas for a high fantasy comic (thank you, Rat Queens, for continuing to inspire me), so maybe doing journal comics on the regular about my gaming groups will give me good practice 😀