I figured I’d make up for some of my inability to keep up with comics this week by releasing this one a little early. My body has gone through a lot of changes over the past eight months, and most of it I’ve been pretty cool with. Stretch marks, strange body changes, dear lord the insanity that is my nipples, everything and I’ve been like “cool I guess.” Somehow, though, the feet are what got to me. They look like I’ve got gout, or the diabetes, or some other terrible horrible problem that makes my feet look like troll feet, like if I painted myself green I’d go good in a Shrek movie.

Three weeks until my due date, yo. Yay babies, but largely I’m trying not to dwell on either the weird balloon-like shape of my feet, or how in the heckie I’m going to shove a baby out my vagina. Just that in a few weeks, I’m going into the hospital, and they’re going to send me home with a baby.

You can’t tell me that’s not kinda fucked up.

NO FEET preview