I give up. I guess this is a mommy blog now. And I want to make all sorts of weird references about drinking the kool aid or whatever, but basically hormones are a helluva drug, and whatever cocktail comprises “love” I want more of forever. Because I seriously did watch him eat a cookie for half an hour and it seriously was amazing. Me of two years ago would have scoffed at such things, would have cited that one study that said parents exaggerate how much they love their babies in an attempt to offset how frustrating they can be. Me of two years ago was kind of an asshole, though, so fuck it. I’m in love with a baby and it’s amazing.

↓ Transcript
P1 "Life Before Baby" - surrounded by entertainment devices, Jaydot declares "i am so booooooored."

P2 "Life After Baby" only Jaydot and the baby, and the baby has a cookie. Jaydot declares "watching him eat this cookie for forty minutes has been the best thing I've ever done with my life."