It takes so so much work to unlearn everything you’ve been taught about where your self-worth comes from. Long after I realized that my self-worth isn’t based on what dudes think of me I still find myself catching these stray ideologies. I never did stop rubbing my eyes when they itch, but at least now I can work on not thinking about the wrinkles I’m making when I do.

Anyway, who says something like that to a little girl. Cheesus christ on a cracker, they dig into us young.

↓ Transcript
1. Jaydot as a little girl, rubbing her eyes. SOmeone off-panel "Honey, you better stop rubbing your eyes or you'll get wrinkles."

2. Jaydot, hands dropped to her sides, mumbling "Okay, I guess."

3. 25 years later, Jaydot rubbing her eyes again.

4. Jaydot dropping her hands from her face, looking angry and concerned, saying "Wait a minute..."

5. Jaydot looking straight at the fourth wall, wondering aloud "Who gives a fuck?"