Sadly my tablet pen got eaten by my dog. Again. You think I would’ve learned my lesson the first two times she did this, but unfortunately she is devious and I am dumb. At any rate, I’m doing a couple masterposts of the palette practice I did get in before the puppy removed my ability to draw.

I ordered more pens, mind you, but they won’t come until next week.

First collection:

Second collection:

Third collection:

As far as comics go, I admit I’m taking a bit of a break. I had hoped that maternity leave meant I’d make MORE comics, but it turns out it’s a working vacation of another sort. Babies are much harder than I’d previously experienced via my brothers and baby sitting. When they’re your full-time baby, you find yourself mostly zonked out watching TV and being grateful for those moments where you aren’t frantically trying to figure out what the baby wants.

In other words, I’m caught up on a lot of TV shows now. Hoorayyyyyyy.