Manfried: Well, she IS a bully breed…


WTF do i even have a dog for if I have to clean up my own floor food. Sheesh.


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↓ Transcript
Three Panels, all with a blue background.

First Panel: On the right, a human leg with the foot encased in a sock. Several small round items fall from above, and a person says "Crud..."

Second Panel: A person's butt, clad in jeans, along with the person's leg and the tail of their shirt. A dog with floppy ears sits next to the person, looking down at the floor dubiously. The person says, "That's right, Gracie, eat the peas!"

Third Panel: Jaydot in her kitchen, looking off to the left. Gracie looks up at her, two question marks above Gracie's head. Jaydot shouts to someone off-screen, "MANFRIED!! The dog is bullying me by refusing to eat the floor peas!"