Manfried is….a strange creature sometimes. I’m far more used to guys with a great deal of self-assurance, deserved or not, and guys who will ask a girl a few times before accepting she’s not interest. Or guys that will hang around waiting for a girl to magically become interested. So when Manfried told me he just sort of….casually respected the space of women without having had some kind of Feminist Revelation in his youth…it boggled me.


I dunno. I’d say maybe I need to get out more, but I don’t live under a rock. I’ve lived, worked, and gone to school in public my whole life, and Manfried still startles me with his *respect* and *ability to listen without interjecting his opinion* and *belief that I am knowledgeable about my fields of expertise*.


Anyway, I’m not trying to give Manfried a cookie. He’d probably be uncomfortable with praise for treating others like human beings. Gawd.