i used to be so precise in my language. Never really mixed up words, always loved having a large vocabulary so I could always use some interesting word or something more acutely what I was trying to express. These days, though, the refrain “out loud words are hard” is oft-repeated, and basically sometimes is even the best ever.

And yes, if you remember them, the california raisins are just as horrifying now as they were when they were dancin’ in those commercials. Like…nightmare fuel. Strahd would be proud.

↓ Transcript
P1, a castle in the distance surrounded by dense fog, narration "Deep in the mists of raisinloft you spy a castle." "...don't you mean ravenloft?"

P2, close-up of a california raisin dressed like strahd the vampire, with a tinier raisin bat golem perched on the ramparts, Narration: "I meant what I said."