I got to go to a mini gaming con this weekend and got to give Dungeon World another whirl. I enjoy the game enough that every time I play it I’m left wanting to run a campaign using that system. Alas, time and space are compressed as they are, so I must live with the longing alone.

Anyway, the Salamander went to the warforged village to try and make nice, and it turns out the warforged are total jerks. Of course the druids were total jerks too, but they were MY jerks and no one gets to poop on druids but me.

Then merry murder ensued because woah was “jerk” an understatement.

↓ Transcript
1. Snake person says to spikey-haired halfling "I thin we should kill off the village of druids." Halfling: "EXCUSE ME??"

2. Snerson "Oh hey, I didn't mean it like that. You aren't like those other druids." Halfling has a repugnant look on their face.

3. Close up of indignant halfling, "Gravy onna goodberry, that is SO offensive!"