On Friday my beloved dog slipped a disc in her spine, which led to her being paralyzed in her hind end–she has feeling in her legs, but she can’t move them. She’s getting older, but we decided to go through with the surgery to give her a few more good years with us. The good news is that with surgery she has pretty much a 95 percent chance to go back to normal. But she’s still going to spend 6-8weeks in recovery, largely spending her time in a crate to keep her from jumping around and re-injuring herself.

I never thought I’d be the kind of person that would drop fat cash on pet surgery (it’s topping out at around $6,000 yikes) but…when it came down to it, I couldn’t let her go, not like that. So there it is. I had to borrow the money from Manfried, who has been an amazing supportive guy (shocker, I know).

Well, at the very least, that’s a great deal of motivation to get my shop chock full of interesting things to buy so I can pay him back 🙂 so yo can pretty much bet your bupkis you’ll see some cool stuff being put up soon!

And if you don’t recognize the guy I’m talking to up there…well…he’s only the most metal guy in all of metaldom.


(P.S. if you like death metal parody and brutalness, all of season 1 is on Netflix)

Augh my poor puppy…she looks so happy no matter what ><