Comic slightly unfinished – my tablet pen broke and I’m awaiting the new one. Which means hand-drawn comics next week, woo.

Btw Manfried was mad about this all the way until that news about captain America broke, so thanks Hydra for getting Manfried off my back 😉

↓ Transcript
Four panels.

In the first panel, Manfried, a man with long hair, glasses, and a beard, stands behind Jaydot, a woman with short hair and an innocent, helpful smile, as she sits at her desk. Jaydot says, "I sent you a link to a cleanse that involves drinking live pillbugs" as Manfried stares blankly at his phone.

In the second panel, a scowl gathers on Manfried's face as he reads the text of the website, which says, "Drink a half-cup of live isopods with warm saltwater twice a day."

In the third panel, still scowling, Manfried demands, "Why would you send this to me?!"

In the fourth panel, Jaydot somehow manages to look even more helpful and innocent as she responds, "Because marriage means never having to suffer alone. That includes suffering idiots on the internet."