I’m sitting here, yielding up my right to be safe and create satire on the internet without harrassment. I’m a Misandrists Rights Activist.

So are these lovely ladies, whom you should thank for their likenesses and also bravery in letting me draw them:



@civilwarbore (Goat Lady)

↓ Transcript
+ "Hi, my name is IntrovertedWife*, and I'm an MRA."

+ "Hi, my name is CivilWarBore*, and I'm an MRA."

+ "Hi, my name is Jaydot, and...ugh, men. Am I Right?"

*(names changed to twitter handles because they're wicked awesome)

+ Group shot. All together: "That's why we're Misandrist's Rights Activists."

+ Jaydot: "As a Misandrist's Rights Activist, I'm concerned about the
growing threat posed by so-called 'mens groups'"

+ SnarkBat: "As men are incapable of caring for themselves, it's up to
us women to do it for them. We have spent hundreds of years with
lesser wages, fewer legal rights and a disproportionately larger
presence in the home in order to elevate men, and Men's Rights groups
threaten to destroy this delicate balance by taking the giving of
those rights out of the hands of women."

+ IntrovertedWife: "Frankly, there is genuine concern to be had about
our diminishing ability to oppress men. Without women to coddle them
and direct them to better lives, how will men live?"

+ CivilWarBore: "Men are known to be highly irrational, emotional, and
so very fragile. We know this because of all the wars begun by men,
and the simple fact that almost all men are murdered by other men.

+ Jaydot: "Fortunately for them, they have us to protect them from
themselves. Just remember: An increase in men's rights is a decrease
in men's protection."

+ Group shot again: "Misandry. it's for their own good."