Every day I draw something, I say to myself, “No, THIS is the dumbest thing I’ve ever drawn.”

Earlier this week I talked about some kind of existential honkey-doo about not being sure what I really wanted to do with myself. I spent the week working on some pretty dorky things (including this ridiculous piece of animation). I don’t know how motivated I’ll be to carry through on those projects, but I can say I feel a lot better knowing that I’m not stuck in a rut of drawing talking heads. I have two t-shirt designs I think will make good tests for TeeSpring campaigns, I have a short D&D mini comic dealing with a baby beholder, and then I came up with an ABSOLUTELY absurd modern teenager D&D AU starring everyone that was in my last long-standing campaign and holy crap if that weren’t a huge, dumb project I’d be all over that already.

But I’m not about to start another  huge ongoing project. I want to start small. Mini comics. Short comic stories. Little dealies that I can use to build up to writing something epic again.

I feel good, though. That’s the important bit. I feel like I can work on other stuff and still make my silly jokes, which is exactly what I wanted.