You can pretty much sub in the exact same conversation around Christmas, too. Personally, I enjoy any holiday where I can abscond with a ton of candy and delicious foods without any real obligation.

On a side note, this is probably some of my favorite inking I’ve done. Manga studio has really made it a pleasure to noodle around, and I’ve been wanting to push the exaggeration factor further for awhile. I’m particularly delighted, in this case, not only by the facial expressions but the extra body language that’s in there. Pleased Jaydot is pleased 🙂

I also have a keen setup where I’m in bed with lots of comfy pillows and my laptop on a tray table, and frankly it’s not only comfortable but conducive to getting stuff done. Manfried is happy to cuddle in bed with me and watch T.V. on his ipad, so I have company, or if I want to have some alone time this is a good spot for that too. I honestly don’t know how optimistic I’m being, but I like to think this setup will work good with the baby, too. Baby sleeps in bassinet, mommy gets to draw on her laptop in the bed, everybody wins.

Especially you 🙂