More than a few of my lady nerd friends are pregnant, just slightly less so than I am. I like to think I’m a trendsetter, but I don’t think I would actually wish pregnancy on anyone I didn’t intensely dislike (with the notable exception of my friend Samantha who seems to have forgotten or never knew that being pregnant is nine months of oscillating misery). Knowing that someday my children may read my comics and my commentary on them, I’m going to go ahead and say I have no doubt that the baby is going to be a precious joy in my life, but dang if pregnancy isn’t the most awkward uncomfortable and awful way to go about getting one.

Today’s comic was directly inspired by a conversation with a friend who’s only at four months or so pregnant, with those two lines being my summary of the matter now. God bless every pregnant person, and let us all set those dewy, glowy, motherhood-is-so-angelic ads ABLAZE.