There’s a brewery near our beer supply shop that we like to visit when we go shopping for supplies, but generally there’s a bit of a wait for tables. This last time we decided to go wait in our car, as the brewery does a text your phone thing when the table is ready. So there we are, making out in the car with the radio playing, and that’s when we realize yet again that our high school experiences were very very different.

On the homebrew front, this week we did a partial mash, partial extract brew. No other fancy flavors, just plain wheat extract and then brew-inna-bag infusion for the mash. I’m on my way to all-grain brewing here, which should be significantly cheaper. Aw yeah, even less expensive especially excellent beer.

Also I plan to use all-grain to brew a sour beer. Which, uh, takes a year to complete. So we’ll get back to that one much much later.