09-02-2014 10-41 AM[1]I made sure I wouldn’t be the only one amused by this. So here’s to you, mom. Thanks for laughing at my terrible jokes.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! Don’t forget we’re currently running a fundraiser to help a disabled veteran get surgery for her dog, Beowulf. Buy a cool goat shirt, help someone in need, there’s nothing to lose 🙂

As far as the house project goes and my goal of being set up to make real comics again, we’re getting closer. I got a computer station set up, but promptly used it to watch Netflix all afternoon. We really need an actual T.V. in our house as my laptop is the biggest entertainment device right now. Hopefully we’ll have the bank to buy a T.V. this weekend, but in the meantime it’s daily office doodles all the way down.