Look, I’m new to this whole idea that having feelings are ok. It’s only been a couple years since I started learning, via mucho therapy, that feelings are a normal thing to have and in some ways even a desireable thing to have, and that feeling those feelings is also completely normal.

Fortunately, I have friends who are able to translate, and pretty much don’t flinch at “gross” and probably sub in something like “aw i love you too.”

On the art supply front, I dropped the dollars on getting those Frenden brushes for Manga Studio that everyone raves about…and, to be honest they are actually pretty great. Despite my whinging last week, I seem to be in a pretty good groove for drawing lately. And even on the projects that I want to work on–finishing a commission for a friend, doodling storylines for a kiddie D&D book, and perhaps even noodling around on a new comic. At the very least I’m having enough fun to not feel quite so whiney about it. Yayyy!

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