ADVENTURES WITH YELLOW JACKETS! I got stung last weekend and thought maybe it was just one wasp. I figured it was the same wasp that followed me into the house and landed on the baby. Theeeeen this weekend the poor puppy comes in from the yard, crawling on  her belly and trying to bite at something on her flank. I brushed it off her and smashed it, and then ANOTHER yellow jacket was flying angrily around my living room. I calmly took the baby upstairs and closed him in my room, the terrified dogs on my heels, came back down and grabbed the wasp killer and maybe overkilled the yellowjacket a little.

I don’t do bugs, and mean bugs are especially right out. That’s why it’s important to marry someone whose skills complement yours; I am a big wussy baby who can’t handle anything with an exoskeleton, so I married Manfried who was willing to go find the yellow jacket nest and hose it down with volatile chemicals.

Now there’s a pretty rad dead bug graveyard on my back porch, which we’ll probably pretend are Halloween decorations for the rest of the month.