My due date is four weeks away. Which means the baby is best baked by two to six weeks. Of course I’m fixated on the two weeks part…if he comes two weeks early….I do not feel at all prepared. I feel like I’ve seen the ominous comet in the sky and am waiting for disaster to strike.

Adorable, chubby-kneed disaster.

In other news, this was probably the fastest I’ve finished a comic. Maybe some combination of having a clear idea of what I want to draw, having drawn goofy baby cartoons a bunch so far, and having the right tools, but on the whole it only took me half an hour to throw together a silly one panel comic. A very ambitious part of me wants to think this means that I can still draw comics while on maternity leave, but I’m also pretty sure y’all will forgive me if that turns out to be a ridiculous pipe dream.