It’s another Draw a Thing For You Thursday, and today @crowgirl42 picked “Sleepiness.” Abstract concept for to draw? Yo way to put it on hard mode.

Well, maybe not that hard. Because if there’s anything in my life right now that I appreciate, it’s naps, and the things that cause them. <3

Work on my house continues apace. We have reached the “assemble the furniture we bought from Ikea” stage of things. Once that’s put together, we can stash our various loots, and then hopefully settle into some kind of routine that includes drawing the shit out of some comics. I had a lovely work meeting on Tuesday which was so boring I sketched out some ideas for a new spoonflower fabric pattern as well as a new mini comic, titled “Manifatso.” Slowly but surely we’re getting back on comics track, this I swear to you.

until then, more daily desk doodles, and all my love 🙂 xoxoxo <3