Thematically there were some things I absolutely loved about Winter Soldier, the top of the list being that our heroes are not solitary rocks of stoic emotionless badass, but instead are people with feelings and problems and interpersonal shit and frankly it makes for a hell of a better  movie than rock-jawed warrior ruthlessly murders bad guys.

I did describe this movie s “kicking a hundred puppies that are all named Steve Rogers.” Cap gets his ass handed to him, not physically but emotionally and it’s amazing.

There’s a lot of ass-kicking too, and Falcon is incredible and beautiful as well, and I’m inclined to agree with others who’ve said this is the best MCU movie to date.

Also, I don’t know how strong  trend it is, but I’m also appreciating that the bad guys are wealthy white guys seeking more money and more power and not vague foreign threats. That reflects more of where I think my security and well-being is threatened than any “us vs them” plot.

Even if they did make me cry at least three seperate times during the movie. And then the second bump during the credits…just…damn you. Damn you all to hell.