Sorry about the lack of funny today, but this IS my journal after all, and I’m not funny all the time. Just…most of the time 😉

At any rate, I’ve been kind of ruminating over how to stretch my comic making boundaries even further. When I first made comics I told a story. A terrible, crazy story, and after a year I wrapped that up and started this instead. I hate to feel like I’m unsettled and that I can’t stick with anything, but I think this runs a little deeper than your usual “I suck at this and I should quit forever I’ll never be as good as that other guy” angst.

On the other hand, this journal has been invaluable in terms of my recovery and managing the bi-polar disorder. Journals usually are, and I like writing about me. Writing about me is easy. Drawing talking heads is easy. Falling into comfortable routine is easy.

So, somehow, I need to find a way to do both. Maybe Mondays will be story dev days, and weds/fri will be journals and jokes. Maybe I’ll find a way to draw my journal that’s more story-like and less “har har here’s a doofy thing I thought of that I coulda just tweeted but drew a funny face to go with it instead.”

Maybe y’all should just come back on Friday because I crack myself up with the animated “reasons my son is kicking me” comics and I have a few good ones left that I actually want to draw 😛

At any rate, I’m grateful for those of you that read these at all. Hopefully a little tweak in direction won’t divide the three of you who read this into camps of “Oh god who does she think she is?” and “shut up and make funny jokes again, dammit.”

I love yinz. You’re beautiful. See ya Friday 🙂