The more I use Manga Studio, the more I love it. Today I tried out the hand-lettering ink brush I bought from Frenden, and while my handwriting is still abjectly terrible, writing with that nib is delightful.

Today’s comic is brought to you by the weekly challenge over at – they picked “dogs” as this week’s theme, and how could I resist? I love dogs. And Gracie, well, she makes a terrible human being, but she is definitely all dog all the way down. And although I know dogs have literally evolved to be as cute as possible in order to survive via the care of humans, I’m in no way inoculated against her stupid puppy face. She has cost me hundreds of dollars in damage to plastics, shoes, and general mayhem, but I have yet to get tired of her adorableness.

I can only imagine what kind of a sappy mess I’m going to be when the baby comes.