trashI promised a new comic yesterday, and then by the time I had made dinner (albeit, it was the most amazing set of grilled pork chops I have ever cooked in my gosh dang life), I ran out of energon and gave up on everything altogether.

I am a trash human who is bad and should feel bad. I can’t even claim credit for this rejected comic today, because it’s a straight riff on this panel from an adventure time comic: tumblr_inline_n0ymokXOUx1rzkcht

But you know what? It totally fits the theme this week, which is riffs on Adventure Time! With only 4 days left to pre-order my Adventure Time homage shirt, we only need ONE MORE pre-order to make sure everyone gets one!

After that, we only need FIFTY MORE pre-orders to get me out of the trash! Hey, I might as well aim high, right? 🙂

At any rate, check out the awesome shirt, share it with your friends, let’s get those pre-orders in so we can all have some sweet obscure references to wear on our chests! $20 for mens AND womens sizes, goes from small to 3XL, who can complain about this? Not even the lemongrabs.

lemongritte t-shirt designlemongritte screenshot