The very first journal comic I posted here was about my kitchen ceiling falling in. The upstairs bathroom had sprung a mysterious leak, and we embarked on a long and often frustrating journey of trying to find the problem. Hundreds of dollars and endless hours of toil, along with long expanses of me being really pouty about all the side problems that cropped up, and finally, finally, the kitchen ceiling is restored.

We can only hope the leak is fixed too; we can’t seem to produce it, but we’ve been down that path before. I want to believe, dear readers, I really do, that our long, dark trek through the valley of terrible plumbing problems is finally over, but I worry that that light I see is the wavering light of an angler fish luring me to my doom.

On a lighter note, ha! Look! I’ve been through several hairstyles in the past year and a half, but I’m back to pigtails. Maybe that’s what I needed to get the house in order, a return to the self that I was when last the house wasn’t falling in on me.

Or, more likely: I flippin’ love my pigtails 🙂

In other news, we’ve got 12 of the 15 pre-orders we need to get the Lemongrab/Adventure Time/Magritte/Fine Art shirt we need! With only a week to go, can we get 3 more people to sign on and get these shirts made? Or, dare I hope…even more?? Help me out by sharing this with all your friends. Get hyped! Get shirts!

lemongritte screenshot