Woo! Comic has a transcript embedded in the page! I can do this! I can be accessible!

At any rate, Ursula Vernon wrote it better than I (because of course she did, she’s awesome): http://ursulavernon.tumblr.com/post/104248361318/smashing-pots

Or I watched Nick Offerman’s “American Ham” and he said the same thing. Get a hobby. Or a discipline. Suck at it for awhile. Completely ruin valuable raw materials. Be willing to suck at something long enough to get good at it.

I’m waffling on starting a Patreon to support all these efforts, and the only reason I haven’t jumped on it is because if my Patreon doesn’t do well I’m going to sit there and contemplate how nobody likes me and I’m wasting my time and I suck and I’m worthless and a bunch of stuff that isn’t true. But that’s sorta the whole point of my “resoluton.” I need to get comfortable with failure. Failure is the lifemate of a creative professional. Creativity is the art of failing a hundred times so you can have that one good thing that came out of all that failure. My desire to succeed above all costs is impeding my ability to fail gracefully, and leads me to do nothing at all. I’m extremely successful at not doing anything because not doing something is easy to do. It’s about time I bit down and failed. A lot. It’s the only way to get any good at anything.


↓ Transcript
I have one resolution for 2015:
Try more. Risk Failure.
-Selling mini-comics!-
Recipe books - the glorious egg, fancy food w/o fancy cooking, easy treats
-remastered comic collections-
"parenting" "critters" "pregnancy"
-long form story-
D.O.A: department of occult anthropology
Urban fantasy, action, comedy, modern day pittsburgh plus old timey myths and fables, a team of writers
-more crafts-
dice bags, buttons, original art, screen printing
BUT I just installed Dragon Age: Inquisition, so 2015 starts in February.