This has been a good year for SURPRISE EXPENSIVE BILLS. This one was especially painful because they shut my gas off until I had it fixed, meaning there was no way out of paying $$$$ immediately.

I’d claim some kind of cabal or conspiracy, but to be honest if your service line is leaking I guess it’s better to pay $$$$ than to have your house explode.


Side note, comic production has slowed a little because I’ve been helping out some friends who just had a baby. I think things will pick up next week–I’m so close to being done with the next chapter of Pidge and Amir. And my plans for my next story comic are shaping up nicely in general in the sketchbook, but no spoilers about that since we’ve only hit the middle of Sacrificed 🙂

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↓ Transcript
The exterior of Jaydot's house.

In the first panel, Jaydot is on the left and an anonymous man is on the right. He hands her a piece of paper, saying "All right, here's the estimate for the cost of repairs to your gas line."

In the second panel, Jaydot looks at the estimate and her eyes leap forward out of their sockets in shock.

In the third panel, Jaydot keels over backwards clutching at her chest in an apparent heart attack at the cost estimate.