I have figured out how to sell a dog to this one man in particular.

↓ Transcript
Three panels with backgrounds of blue. Jaydot, a woman with short hair, is on the left. Manfried, a man with a beard, long hair, and glasses, is on the right looking at his phone.

First panel
Jaydot: I'm gonna adopt a puppy ok?
Manfried: Absolutely not.

Second Panel
Jaydot: Fine, I'll adopt six puppies.
Manfried looks away from his phone to side-eye Jaydot silently.
Jaydot: I'm going to interpret your silence and expression as an enthusiastic "yes".
Manfried: No.

Third Panel
Jaydot holds up an adolescent German Shepherd mix puppy with a smile and says "Isn't he the cutest?"
Manfried has gone all helplessly heart eyes and responds, "Oh GODDAMIT"