I keep trying to tell myself that I did a lot of research before buying the puppy; and I did, really. Hours of reading up on breeds and dogs and figuring out what kind of pup would fit our lifestyle. But if I tried to tell you that when i walked into the rescue pup shop I was in complete control of myself and didn’t buy that puppy because PUPPY EYES, I’d be a big fat liar. The biggest, fattest liar of them all.

That said, I also bought a butt-ton of games. I’d list them all here but I go over them in the podcast I recorded this morning–oh hey by the way the podcast is back! It looks like it’ll be coming out a lot more regularly, so you can count on podcast wednesdays where I talk and talk and talk about video games 🙂

At any rate, we’ve had the puppy for a week and a half, and she was great while she lasted.

But I’m pretty sure she’s dead now:

She is not died, but lies sleeping…