My lame and convoluted excuse for posting a thumbnail sketch today will follow shortly, but first a little background behind the sketch: I was musing as to what, exactly, a fake geek girl would have to gain by dressing up for attention, as the attention of men, in general, and the kinds of men that would feel attracted / entitled to comment on such cosplay especially didn’t seem like much of a prize.

Which raised the question of what could actually benefit from such an enticing lure, and thus this tiny sketch was born. I’d like to think I’ll turn it into a full-blown piece of work, but at this point I’m amused enough that I got the concept down that I’m not sure how much fleshing (ha ha pun intended) out it needs.

As to posting a thumbnail sketch today: let’s not call this a lazy cop-out in lieu of a post. I mean, that’s probably what it is, but let’s not call it that, ok? I’m somewhere between 2-6 weeks until I have a baby, and navigating my body and the world is tricky sometimes. Lately it’s been a persistant sinus infection that I can’t take medications for because the medications raise my blood pressure beyond acceptable parameters. Sinus infection plus reduced lung capacity as my uterus indiscriminately revokes bodily access to any organs it can squish out means that breathing in general is dicey, and trying to breathe while I sleep is…well, it would be comical if I weren’t the one losing sleep over it. So instead of making comics I stay in bed, and instead of making real posts I put up silly doodles I drew out at work.

Last remark, with 2-6 weeks of gestation to go, I did muse on twitter if I get some kind of groundhog to pop out of my vag and let me know how many more weeks of pregnancy I get. It’d be nice to know.