Manfried is sometimes a hypochondriac but I think compared to my laissez faire attitude anyone would look like one

↓ Transcript
Three panels, all with blue backgrounds.

First Panel: The Baby guides a straw towards his mouth, lips and tongue stretched to reach it. Off-screen, someone says "OH BUDDY NO!"

Second Panel: Jaydot, a woman with short-hair wearing a t-shirt, and Manfried, a square-jawed man with long hair pulled back in a ponytail and square-lensed glasses. Manfried's mouth is open and an expression of horror is on his face. Jaydot says, "It's too late, honey. Let it go. You have to accept that he's going to get sippy cancer now, from licking an unwashed sippy."

Third Panel: The Baby again, the unwashed and undoubtedly cancer-laden sippy now in his mouth and covered in baby drool. Jaydot continues, "It's his destiny. Don't fight it."