A little gaming interlude this week 🙂 We decided that the boggart language doesn’t actually have a word for diplomacy, so the boggart had to figure out the meaning from context clues. He was, of course, not at all wrong.

↓ Transcript
Two full color panels, featuring a woman who looks like Jaydot but has long blond hair in two braids and is wearing ragged leather clothing. We'll call her "Jaydot". The other character appears to be a giant bipedal talking frog. It is carrying a stick.

In the first panel, Jaydot says in the frog's language, "Yeah, we'll totally talk to your tribe, try a little" here the frog-language fails her and 'Diplomacy' is in English. "And encourage them to move along."

In the second panel, Jaydot looks taken aback as the frog prods her in the chest with his stick and says, "You have a really funny way of pronouncing 'murder'."