It my birthday. Vanity Games year four begins on Friday. Whaaaaaaat.

↓ Transcript
A full-page comic entitled "The Eggpire Strikes Back".

The first panel shows the top of an egg, the collar of a cloack around its middle and its eyes and mouth closed. A jaunty pink bow sits tilted on top of it.

The second panel shows the same view, but now the egg has her eyes open and a lightsaber blade cuts across one corner of the screen. She declares, "I'm ready."

In the third and fourth panels the egg, with determined eyes, uses her lightsaber to fend off incoming sperm. The sperm look first angry and determined and then in the next panel dead.

In the final panel, the egg sits triumphant at the cervix of a uterus with her cloak and lightsaber announcing, "It is done. I have defended against the sperm incursion. Let us now cleanse the uterine temple with a river of blood."