The Red Badge of Courage

Shark Week

Communists in the Funhouse

Rebooting the Ovarian Operating System

Wearing my worst and ugliest underpants because no matter what I do they get ruined

I think you get my drift.

↓ Transcript
First panel: A close up of Jaydot's head and one hand, as she looks at her phone and asks "Ugh. Why is all I want to eat is red meat, spinach, and dark chocolate?"

Second panel: A tight shot of the screen of Jaydot's phone, showing an app called "Shark Week". Against a background of ocean waves with shark fins swimming through them, it displays the information "Projected Start Date is: 4 Days".

Third panel: Another close up of Jaydot's face as she proclaims, "Ah, yes, my body prepares. THE IRONPOCALYPSE IS VERY FUCKING NIGH."