The only had themselves to blame. If you’d’ve been there, if you’d’ve seen it, you would have done the same.

A little behind the scenes look at the “writers room” for D.O.A. comic 🙂 Really, that last panel should read “what’s left of the necromancers.” I’m afraid when you try to whammy a 300 year old vampire he doesn’t end up with a lot of patience for your shenanigans. Yikes, Damascus. Just yikes.

↓ Transcript
P1: Jaydot and Don sitting at the gaming table, Jaydot is the GM. Jaydot: "and the agency politely requests that you bring him in 'intact'" Don: "Bah! We haven't even maimed anybody."

P2: Jaydot with a sheet of paper that reads "player mayhem." Jaydot: "Shall I start with the apartment building you set on fire? Or maybe the necromancers? Those poor, poor necromancers."