I wonder how many twitter  bots are going to auto-follow me because I just tweeted the word calorie? ><

Look, there’s a large soap box I can jump on here about toxic dieting culture and the obsessive need to track every calorie, but mostly this is about how very glad I am to be out of that cycle of self abuse. When I was pregnant and suddenly could and did eat anything without shame or guilt or deep moral worry, I realized what a weight food had been on my shoulders all my life because of the obsessive need to diet. I vowed I would never go back to that, never pick up that stress again, and lo and behold I remain much much happier not worrying so much about what I eat and when I eat and how I eat it.

It helps that breastfeeding is causing me to lose weight anyway, but by and large I’m learning to be comfortable in my body, no matter what that body happens to be. <3