The part that gets me is that I have about three or four completed comics on my desktop. All I had to do was pick up the laptop and upload them. But you know…this promotion stuff is the pits. It’s a lot of acting cheery and happy and sunshine and a lot of internal hand-wringing over whether I’m progressing anywhere or just treading water. It’s not the drawing of comics that’s hard, it’s the marketing that’s a chore.

So, yeah, I skipped a few updates, and was sick enough to even skip updating you on missed updates. I mean, I’d apologize, but it’d be pretty hollow. But hey, if you’re ever worried about missed updates, you can always holla at me on twitter or via e-mail. Twitter is super effective, though. Jsyk.

Love and Kisses, Jaydot (who was a good human and went to the doctor and acquired antibiotics and got up at 4am to write and draw for you as soon as I was feeling better enough so I guess I’m at least a *little* sorry)

↓ Transcript
Single panel, Jaydot looking into a used tissue from which tentacles are waving, "I think I blew something eldritch out my nose. Some kind of...sinushoggoth."