This year the number of Christmas songs I actively loathe has double to two. Last year Christmas Shoes was alone on the list, but now it is joined by “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” or whatever that song is actually titled. Probably something like “Let’s Pander to Africa Like They’re An Indistinguishable Mass of Ignorance.” Idk I’m bad at naming things anyway.

Today’s comic also demonstrates another principle of art–cars are hard to draw. Eventually I gave up on accuracy and went with “I’m sure they’ll understand what I’m talking about.”

Also, grubby desk comics again. TMI maybe, but my milk supply started to drop, and the best way to get the boobs to start making the boob juice again is to wake up at 2am (because 2am is when my boob milk making hormones are the highest, and let me ask you who thought THAT was a good idea grumble grumble), which means…not a lot of time at home not spent trying to get enough sleep. C’est la vie. La bebe vie.

IN OTHER OTHER NEWS, my snowflake D20s are now available on Spoonflower as a fabric, or EVEN BETTER as wrapping paper. It’s lovely, it’s non-denominational, it’s nerdy as fuck, so go on and git you some!

d20 snowflakes